At a glance, your beautiful swimming pool appears pretty carefree. You know you have to keep it clean, keep the chemicals balanced, and perform regular maintenance. But there is more to keeping your pool equipment operating smoothly than skimming leaves off the surface of the water and running the robotic vacuum. The main components of your pool need to be checked regularly for common issues. Most of these problems are an easy fix if detected early. However, if left to fester, small problems can turn into large, expensive ones. Here are 5 pool repairs you shouldn’t put off.

Pool Pump Motor Issues

Your pool pump works hard. It is typically on for many hours of the day, constantly circulating  water through the filter, the heater, and the chlorinator. Its job is to keep your water from standing still. It is the heart of your pool and needs to be checked regularly for leaks. The typical place you will first spot a pool pump leak is around the base where the pump sits. Check this area often and call Molinari Pools at the first sign of an issue. We can help you resolve the problem quickly.

Pool Filter Problems

Your pool filter is another workhorse. It functions to filter out dirt, debris, and even bacteria. It is pretty easy to spot a malfunctioning pool pump because the quality of your water will be affected. Even after adding your pool chemicals, the water may remain cloudy or dirty. It may be a simple fix, such as a routine filter cleaning. But when in doubt, call in the experts to troubleshoot the problem.

Pool Heater Repair

Most of us like our pool water to be a certain temperature. We count on our pool heaters to maintain that level of comfort for us. If you notice your pool water isn’t at the temperature you like, there are a few things you can check before calling in the cavalry. Is it on? Is the breaker tripped? Are the valves open? Is the thermostat turned to the right temperature? Is the filter clogged? Check the evaporator coil to see if any twigs or sticks may have gotten lodged and remove them. If you cannot detect any obvious issues, you should call in your local pool pros and have us take a look.

Stained, Rough, Cracked Pool Surfaces

Ouch! Does it feel like you are walking on sandpaper when you are in your pool? If your hands or feet are sore when you get out of your pool, you may need to have your pool resurfaced. When there is staining, peeling, fading, or a rough texture on your pool floor or walls, call us to schedule your incredible pool renovation.

Is my pool leaking?

It is very important to know the signs of a leak in your pool, as it should be dealt with immediately. Do you see any cracks in the pool? Does the water level seem to go down quickly?

Are your chemical levels diving? Do you notice an increase in algae? Is the ground nearby mushy? Of the 5 pool repairs you shouldn’t put off, this may be the most critical one. Any of these signs could be a sign of a leak in your pool. Call us without delay!

These are 5 pool repairs you definitely shouldn’t put off. Don’t ignore them or tell yourself that you’ll get to them later. It is important to go beyond basic maintenance and perform regular checks, repairs, and renovations on your pool and its equipment. If caught early on, you could save a lot of time and money. Molinari Pools is your premier pool service, repair, and remodeling company in the Vero Beach/Indian River County area. Our 25 years of experience has made us second to none in the industry. Put us on speed dial, and we will provide a quality solution to your pool issues each and every time.