It is hard to imagine that you could enjoy your backyard pool any more than you currently do. Nothing beats being able to relax by the glittering blue water, the latest novel in hand, and your favorite beverage nearby. It serves you well as a place to gather with your family. Poolside dining in the fresh air is wonderful, as is entertaining friends. That being said, there are a few must-have pool accessories for every Florida pool owner that could take your enjoyment of your backyard oasis to the next level. Let’s take a look at the latest and greatest innovations.

Chill Out With AquaCal’s TropiCool®

There is no arguing that our Florida weather deals us some heat and humidity. With the AquaCal TropiCool® water chilling system, you can beat that heat every day. It is designed to lower your water temperature to a refreshing level that you can enjoy all summer long. It does not depend on evaporation and is especially effective in humid climates. The unit runs quietly and is resistant to corrosion from weather and pool chemicals. It is easy to program and operate and can keep your pool at your preferred temperature no matter what the outside thermometer says.

Add Some Shade

Our Florida sun can seem relentless some days. It may be the case that occasionally, even with a pool, being out in the bright elements can be too much. There is a simple solution. Add some shade! You can string up one of today’s popular shade sails to provide a cool overhead canopy that will shelter you from those strong UV rays. Another fix is to pick up one or more patio umbrellas that you can adjust to provide shade just where you want it. They are colorful and pleasing to look at. Best of all, they effectively reduce the temperature and lessen reflective light around your pool. 

Pool Safety Nets Preserve Your View

Did you realize that you can comply with Florida’s swimming pool barrier requirements and still preserve your view? The answer is pool netting. Our sister company, Pool Guard Pro, has safety netting that meets all ASTM safety codes. They are custom-made to fit any pool configuration and are professionally installed. Best of all, pool nets allow you to enjoy the view of your backyard and other surroundings while providing the highest element of child safety. 

Sit Back and Let the Robotic Vac Do the Work

When you envisioned having a backyard pool, standing for hours manually vacuuming it was probably not your first thought. If you DIY your pool maintenance a robotic pool vacuum can dramatically shorten that task. A robotic vac operates independently of your pool pump and filtration system. Thus, it saves energy and costs you less in utility bills. Most impressively, a robotic vac does a superior cleaning job, picking up smaller particles of debris than other sorts of cleaners. They are programmable, can be operated remotely, and do an incredible job keeping your pool clean. Start working less and enjoying your pool more.

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