Every day that we are able to use our backyard pools is a blessing. That being said, the safety of those who use the pool needs to be first and foremost in our minds. For that reason, it is essential to have a set of clear rules for pool use that are understood by all users, particularly children. Similar to public pools, it makes sense to have a set of safety rules posted by your pool so there is no doubt as to what is expected to keep everyone happy and safe. Have a family meeting out by the pool and discuss the rules in advance, and explain that you will be posting them in plain sight in case anyone forgets. Here are 6 safety rules to display by your pool.

No Running

There is no doubt that kids get excited when they are anywhere near a swimming pool. And that often means that instead of walking around it, they run. You may feel like a broken record, but repeating the reminder “please walk” will probably be a part of your routine if there are children using your pool. There is a serious risk of injury if someone who is running takes a fall on the hard surface surrounding the pool.

Feet First

Enter the water feet first for safety. Never dive from the sides of the pool. If you have a slide, emphasize the “feet first” rule as well. For those with a diving board, highlight the importance of only diving from the end of the board, not the sides. 

No Pushing or Roughhousing

Make it clear that pushing others into the pool will not be allowed. Discourage rough horseplay such as dunking or lifting and tossing other swimmers. More injuries occur in this manner than you might expect.

No Glass Around the Pool

Your swimming pool should be a plastic-only zone. Broken glass in or around the pool will put a quick end to everyone’s fun for the day. 

Use the Bathroom First

Encourage kids to use the bathroom before entering the pool. Make sure there are towels available for those who need to get out of the pool and re-enter the house to use the facilities. Dry off first and avoid tracking water in the house and creating a slip hazard.

Adult Supervision Required

All children need to know that they may use the pool only when there is an adult present. If you have guests using the pool, remind them that they should supervise their children at all times. Or, choose to switch off as designated watchers to make sure all the kids in the pool are having a safe and happy time. On the subject of child pool safety, the very best thing you can do to ensure your kids are safe in the pool is to invest in swimming lessons

Clearly defined pool rules are crucial for creating a safe environment around your backyard pool. In particular, if you have children who use the pool, be certain they are aware of and understand these rules. Also, be sure that any guests who use your pool know the pool rules before they jump in. Your pool is a place for endless outdoor fun, and you want to establish everyone’s safety as your first priority. 

Here at Molinari Pools, we are firm believers in pool safety and have made drowning prevention a mission since we began in 1996. We encourage you to display these 6 safety rules by your pool as your first defense against unfortunate poolside mishaps. And if you need help with any safety barriers such as fences, nets, self-locking gates, or other safety equipment for your pool, be sure to contact our sister company Pool Guard Pro!