Your swimming pool is the focal point of your backyard. It is the place where you hang out with family and friends and while away pleasant hours relaxing in the Florida sunshine. But what if there is something insidious going on with your pool? Something hazardous beneath the surface that could end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars? Oh, no! Does your swimming pool have a leak? Molinari Pools is here to make sure you know the signs and how we can help fix them.

Cracking Up

Cracks form when the pool settles into ground that has become unstable due to excess water saturation. Not all cracks are a sign of a leak, but if you notice anything more than a hairline crack, it should be checked out without delay.

Where’s the water going?

Are you constantly having to top off your pool’s water level? There will be expected decreases in your water level due to evaporation and other natural causes. However, steady water loss not obviously due to heat, humidity, or wind could be a sign you have a leak in your pool. Also, if your automatic pool filler is working all the time, that may indicate a problem as well.

Diving Chemical Levels

If you find that your chemical levels are dropping suddenly, they could be flowing away without you knowing. If you have a leak, those chemicals are going to be flushed right out with the water your pool is losing. As a result, your chemical levels may fluctuate dramatically.

Algae Growth

An increase in algae can also be a sign of a leak that goes hand-in-hand with a dropping water level and plummeting chemical levels. If untreated water is continuously being added to the pool to top it off, your chemicals will be diluted and algae growth will result.

Mushy Ground

Are there areas in your yard that seem soggy or mushy? Is the grass growing unevenly? An underground leak could be the cause.

Drippy Equipment

If you see water puddling up under your pool equipment or any corrosion on your pipes, that is an easily detected sign of a leak.

Sky-High Water Bills

Have your recent water bills been sky-high? There could be a reason for that, and it just might be a leak in your swimming pool. But don’t double up on your blood pressure medicine just yet.  There may be a solution.

If you have reason to think you may have one or more signs of a leak in your swimming pool, call in the professional leak detection services of Molinari Pools. Our expert pool technicians can tell you if your pool’s water loss is due to simple evaporation or a more sinister reason. Beyond that, we can perform diagnostic tests to locate the source of the leak and suggest a plan of action to eliminate it. 

Once circumstances have had you ask the question, “Does my swimming pool have a leak?”, don’t wait. Call Molinari Pools to investigate and provide a solution! Serving clients in the Vero Beach area for over 24 years, we are the experienced professionals you want on the job.