Have you ever been told to wait thirty minutes after eating to swim? Or have you heard that chlorine turns your hair green? These are myths, of course. However, there are actually things you’ll need to pay attention to. At Molinari Pools, pool safety is at the top of our list. With that in mind, here are 5 things to avoid when using your pool. 

Avoid Swimming in Bad Weather

It is dangerous to be in the pool during a storm, especially if there is lightning. Water is a conductor of electricity, and it’s very common for lightning to strike water. Being in the water when it is lightning could be very hazardous. The highest object in the water is usually the most likely target. 

If you hear thunder or see lightning while in the pool, get out right away. It is best to get completely away from the pool during a storm. Stay out of the pool at least thirty minutes after you are done hearing thunder or seeing lightning. Seeking cover to wait out the storm is the best option. 

Avoid Running Near the Pool

The surface near the pool is often wet and slippery. Running near the pool could result in falling and injuring yourself or someone else. It is great to have fun in the pool, but avoid horseplay in and around the pool. Walking is always the safest option.  

Avoid Getting Dehydrated

Drinking plenty of water is important. Some think that because they are in water, they do not need to drink water. You may not notice it, but you’re probably working up a sweat and losing water faster than you think. Your body will give you warning signs when you are starting to get dehydrated. Some people get an intense headache. Others feel body cramps or lose their appetite. Snacking on fruits and veggies can also help you avoid dehydration. 

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol will dull your senses, making you slower to respond than normal. While under the influence of alcohol, people tend to do things that they normally would not do; they take unnecessary risks. People do not think clearly while under the influence of alcohol — it hinders their judgment. So avoid any and all alcohol while in or around the water.

Avoid Swimming Alone

Swimming with someone else is always the safest option. In case of an emergency, someone else is there to help out if needed. Avoid swimming alone. Besides safety, it’s always more fun to swim with a partner! 

Pool safety is an important part of swimming. Swim worry-free by keeping in mind these 5 things to avoid when using your pool. If you have any questions, please give Molinari Pools a call at 772-778-2633. And, if it’s time to upgrade your pool safety barriers, our sister company, Pool Guard Pro, would be happy to help you out with the perfect fit on a fence, gate, or net for your pool.