Have you ever tried to do a job and found that your tools were not adequate? You probably felt you were doomed to fail, and you may have been right. Having the right tools is imperative to successfully completing any task, including caring for your pool. With the right tools in hand, you will be more efficient, the job will get done quicker, and the end result will look better and last longer. In business for 25 years, the pros at Molinari Pools know their stuff. So what is the best equipment for caring for your pool? Let’s have a look.

A Good Leaf Net or Skimmer

The first order of business when maintaining your own pool is to scoop leaves and other plant debris out. Get a good leaf net or skimmer. A flimsy, cheap leaf net will break before you know it. Invest in a decent one that will do the job right. A leaf net will have a good sized mesh bag to hold wet leaves as you collect them from the water and the bottom of the pool. A skimmer is less heavy duty and will work if you don’t have many trees surrounding your pool. A skimmer works best to collect debris that is floating on the surface of the water.

Don’t Skimp on a Good Pool Brush

Brushing the sides and floor of the pool is one of those jobs where the right tool is essential. Manually brushing the pool removes dust and debris that your pool vacuum misses and also prevents algae blooms. Brushing the sides and floor of your swimming pool definitely is a DIY chore that will improve the look of your pool, but there is a side benefit. Brushing your pool will give your shoulders and arms a great workout!

A Telescoping Pole

A telescoping pole will attach to the handle of your leaf net, skimmer, and pool brush. Therefore, your reach will be extended and your job will be much more effective. The largest ones telescope to over 20 feet to tackle the biggest pools!

The Best Quality Chemicals

It is a mistake to economize on pool chemicals. If you want pristine, sparkling blue water, you must start with the best chemicals. Pool pros would never use cheap chemicals from the big box stores. These inferior chemicals are made with lower-quality materials and often have fillers in them which further lessens their effectiveness. It is important that chemicals be stored properly, and you never know where those cheap ones have been kept and for how long. In the long run, it is a much better deal to buy the best chemicals and have the confidence that they will do a better job, last longer, and be more cost effective in the long run.

The Pool Vacuum

You must vacuum the pool regularly to remove debris that can stain, promote algae, and make your chemicals work harder. Manual pool vacuums consist of a hose, a pole, and a vacuum head. It may take a few tries to get quick at setting up your pool vacuum, but after you have done it a few dozen times you will get better at it. 

The Robotic Pool Vacuum

Don’t want to wrestle with a manual vacuum? Consider getting a robotic pool vacuum. Vacuuming your pool is the most labor-intensive part of pool maintenance, and a robotic vac will save you a lot of time and effort. The latest “smart vacs” will patrol all over the sides, floor, and steps of your pool and do an optimal cleaning job. Also, they work independent of your pool filtration system and therefore extend the life of your filter. This is one investment that will pay for itself many times over.

The Pool Pros

As a pool owner, naturally you want the best equipment for caring for your pool. With spring around the corner, you may even want to stick your toe in the water and do some of your own pool maintenance. But your best bet? Your trusted pool pros. A great first step is scheduling the pros at Molinari to come out and do a full inspection of your pool equipment to determine if any repairs or replacements may be needed. In particular, if you are in residence at your home for part of the year, Molinari is the company you want to maintain and service your pool while you are away. Give us a call today. Our incredible technicians can provide for all your pool and spa needs.