Do you want to make a splash with the latest trends in pool remodel designs? If you have made the decision to breathe new life into your backyard with a pool remodel, congratulations! Now comes the fun part of the process: choosing the features and designs that will set your pool apart from the ordinary. Molinari Pools makes it our business to keep abreast of the latest in pool design innovations. If you would like to make a splash with the latest trends in pool remodel designs, we have some suggestions for you.

The Latest Trends in Pool Remodel Designs: Your Pool Surroundings

The area surrounding your pool is what sets the tone and style of the rest of your design elements. This area is the largest visual space and will play a major role in setting the personality of your backyard design. There are many choices when it comes to hardscape, but natural stone is especially popular right now. Travertine, flagstone, and slate are all long-wearing, slip-resistant, and beautiful to look at. Natural stone is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and stylish.

Fire Bowls

Grand Effects Kreiss Fountain and Fire Bowl

Adding a fire feature to the area around your pool is extremely on-trend at the moment. A fire bowl or two on the edge of the pool creates a dramatic ambiance. There are even water features that include a fire element for the height of sophistication. They are a visual addition that literally will take your breath away.

Light Up Your World

In the past, pool lighting consisted of one light at the bottom of the pool for nighttime safety. Things have changed big time. Now LED pool lights create an atmosphere that must be seen to be believed. You can automate your lighting to change colors and create whatever mood you desire around your pool. LED lighting is one of the most dramatic features you can add to your poolscape — for much less cost than you would think. They are a real game changer.

Bring New Life To Your Pool With a Water Feature

Adding a water feature is almost reason enough to remodel your pool! We are being facetious, but there is a reason this feature is so popular. There is nothing that instantly will add visual and auditory atmosphere to your poolscape than adding one of the innovative water features that are available in today’s market. Without a doubt, water features are the most on-trend additions to everyone’s pool renovation these days.

Water jets, bubblers lit by LED lights, or a sheer waterfall are all variations of the multitudes of choices available today when it comes to adding a water feature to your pool. The sensory experience of a water feature cannot be exaggerated. The sound is relaxing, and the sight is calming. It has been said that after a few minutes of listening to and watching a water feature, a person’s blood pressure can actually go down!

If you are searching for “pool service near me,” you’ve probably already decided to take the plunge and renovate your pool with the latest trends. You have so many options! Natural stone decking, fire features, LED lighting, and the dramatic addition of a water element will take your pool to another level altogether. Molinari Pools is the expert when it comes to backyard renovations in Indian River County and the surrounding area. If you want to make a splash with the latest trends in pool remodel designs, we can be a great resource to you.