What if you switched things up this year for the holidays? Instead of giving the kids toys with 9000 pieces that will be strewn all over the house and forgotten about in two months, what if you gave the gift of an experience? Consider giving something that will last not just months, but an entire lifetime. A gift that will build physical strength, self-confidence, and character is perfect. This year, give your children the gift of swim lessons.

Water Safety

The risk of drowning can be reduced by 88% if children are taught to swim. Even tiny tots can learn the basics of floating, how to keep their head out of the water, and to dog-paddle to the side of the pool. Molinari Pools is a member of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. We are avid believers in teaching children to swim at an early age. With the prevalence of swimming pools in our area, it is crucial that kids master this skill. 

Physical Benefits

Swimming is known to be one of the very best cardio exercises there is. With regular swimming, kids will develop stronger heart and lung health, as well as muscle strength and endurance. With strong swimming skills they will have the opportunity to do more than video games and other sedentary activities. Get them outside to engage in physical activity — it is more important to their health now than ever before.

Make Kids Smarter

It turns out that swimming promotes brain development in our children. When a child uses both sides of the body in the bi-lateral motions that are required for swimming, certain areas of the brain are stimulated to grow. Scientists have found that kids who swim have better reading skills, language development, and spatial awareness. A gift that does all that is pretty impressive!

Build Social Skills

Learning to swim can lead to having more friends. From summer camp to pool parties, good swimmers will feel confident that they can keep up with their peers. It is also a great way to build social skills and learn to cope with new personalities and challenges. In particular, if swimming eventually leads to a child joining a swim team, the benefits are multiplied. A child who participates in a competitive sport will develop confidence and the stamina to keep trying in the face of challenges.

Pay It Forward

The gift of swim lessons will be the gift that lasts a lifetime. Once a child learns to swim, they retain that ability their entire life. Best of all, a person who has learned to swim can pass that skill on to others. The potential for lives improved and even lives saved is priceless. 

This holiday season, consider cutting through the usual clutter of soon-to-be-forgotten toys. Give your kids the gift of swim lessons!  When children are safe and healthy, that is a gift for all of us. 

Molinari Pools has been operating in Indian River County for over 24 years. Not only are we believers in creating strong swimmers, we also specialize in drowning prevention pool safety products. Visit our sister site at PoolGuardPro.com to see just how safe your pool can be. Look no further for a company that can get the job done right. Give us a call anytime to get started on a safe and healthy future for your family.