There are so many reasons why we love our swimming pools. Our backyard pools are where we create treasured memories and enjoy hours of pleasure and recreation. They add enormous visual appeal to our property. They also provide an ideal place to exercise and stay fit. Plus, they are fabulous for entertaining and socializing with friends. With all of those perks, why should you invest in a pool fence? We’re here to tell you why!

Drowning Prevention

The first and foremost reason for the requirement of pool fencing is the prevention of drowning. Installing a fence around your pool is the first step in protecting the ones you love, especially children who may not yet know how to swim. Next, neighborhood pets or other animals may be attracted to your pool. They can inadvertently fall in and not be able to get out. The perfect pool fence can provide the protection you need.

It’s the Law

The Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act requires all residents with pools to enclose their swimming pools with a fence of at least 48 inches in height, complete with a self-latching gate. An actual enclosure around the perimeter of the pool is essential to prevent accidental access.

Owners Who Are Away

Do you live out of state for part of the year? Then it’s especially true that you need a pool fence! Your fence will be the barrier between unwanted guests and your pool when you are away. What’s even better is having peace of mind knowing that your pool will be safe when you are not home.

The Perfect Pool Fence

So how exactly do you choose the perfect fence for your pristine pool? There are many options available in the choice of swimming pool fencing. Permanent pool fencing is available in several materials such as wood and wrought iron, but those can be costly to install and maintain. Personally, we love the flexibility and affordability of removable mesh pool fencing. 

Molinari Pools uses Pool Guard Pro pool fencing, which can be installed in a matter of hours and meets the safety requirements established by the American Society for Testing and Materials. The material is a premium self-interlocking mesh, which is the strongest pool fencing material in today’s market. The fencing comes with options of heights and safety latches, and it has a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on materials. It can also be installed on virtually any surface. Mesh fencing is less obtrusive than other permanent fencing choices and offers 100% visibility to your pool. Clearly, the great appeal of this pool fencing is that it can easily be removed when you are entertaining (although we do suggest keeping it installed at all other times). 

When you need to install or replace your pool fence, look no further than Molinari Pools. We have a passionate commitment to pool safety — starting with your own backyard pool. We are proud to combine the personal touch of a family business with the highest professional standards in pool renovations and repairs. You can count on us to provide you with the finest quality pool fencing available to achieve the results that will provide you with the peace of mind you need. Contact us today and get the job done right!