Much of the appeal of our Florida lifestyle centers around water — specifically, around the private oasis we create in our backyards, which is largely focused on our swimming pools. Our pools are a major investment. If allowed to become shabby, the overall value of our homes can be affected negatively. The fact is, after twenty years or so, swimming pools develop cosmetic issues, equipment problems, and an outdated appearance. Have you been considering a pool renovation? It may be time to transform your shabby, outdated swimming pool into a contemporary, energy efficient centerpiece of beauty and recreation. We have prepared the ultimate list for planning a pool renovation to get you started.


What Are the Signs You Should Renovate?

  • Cracks in pool walls. If you notice cracks in the walls of your pool, do not delay in calling a pool repair service to inspect for leaks. Cracking could be a serious indication that a renovation is in order.
  • Surface deterioration. Over time, the plaster on a pool surface can become stained. This may wear it down, exposing the underlying structure to chemicals and other damage. 
  • Constant repairs. If you are constantly calling your pool service for repairs on your pool equipment, that is a sure sign that the pump, filter, or heater have met their life expectancy. These frequent repairs add up over time and can become costly. If you are looking for “pool repair near me,” it is time for a renovation.
  • Higher utility bills. If your water and power bills have been higher than you would like, it could be a sign that your hard-working pool equipment is not as energy efficient as it should be. In recent years there have been huge improvements in this area, saving pool owners a great deal of money.
  • Safety features. Are your safety features up to date? There have been many innovations in the field of pool safety features in the past twenty years. Pool fences with self-closing gates, pool alarms, pool netting, automatic pool covers, and motion detectors are all features that can provide much peace of mind and security.
  • Outdated design. Over the years, styles change in pool tile design, decking materials, and special features. Giving these items an update can do wonders for giving your tired pool area a major refresh.


Who Will You Hire to Do the Renovation?

The most critical factor of all when considering a pool renovation is to hire the best, most reliable contractor available in your area. Your contractor should be well known locally, have loads of great reviews, and have years of experience. Do your research, check out their website, read the reviews, and see if you might be able to talk to their past clients. Your goal is to find a responsive contractor who not only listens to you but has great suggestions to offer based on their years in the business. Check out their photo gallery to see what transformations they have provided for others.  

Don’t go with the company that promises the cheapest and quickest job. Quality is the main characteristic you want in a contractor. Quality in the materials and brands they use, quality in the work they do, and quality in their finished product.


When Should You Plan Your Pool Remodel?

Unlike other areas of the country, the best time for Florida residents to remodel their pools is in the summertime. Elsewhere, most pool contractors are busy doing renovations in the fall when it is considered “off-season.” For the Florida homeowner, fall and winter are the peak times of year that people are most interested in using their backyard swimming pools. Many homeowners are actually only in residence in their Florida homes during the cooler months of the year, escaping to more northern climates during the summer months. As a result, they will not be missing the use of their pool during the time a summertime renovation project is underway. 

In our area of Florida, it is highly recommended that you plan ahead for your pool renovation for a time that will cause you the least disruption to the enjoyment of your backyard. A high-quality contractor will be in great demand, and if you want to get on their remodeling schedule, you will need to focus on booking a date a good deal of time in advance. 

You may be concerned about having a major remodeling project take place when you are not in residence. This is why hiring the highest-caliber local contractor is critical to the success of the job. Good communication is the foundation of your relationship with your contractor. You want someone who understands your vision, is available to speak to you when necessary, and is responsive to your phone calls and questions. If something comes up, your contractor will be in touch with you promptly. The fact that you are not physically present should not be an issue when you choose a contractor who you can trust.


Vanishing edge water feature closeup

What Features Should You Choose?

Now we get into the real fun of a pool renovation project! Choosing special features will transform your backyard from “blah” to “aaaahhh”. There have been so many creative innovations in pool design elements and features that you may have a hard time choosing what you might need to achieve your vision of the perfect pool area. Let’s break it down.

Hardscape, Landscape, and Structure

  • Hardscape. This is the ideal time to change up your pool patio or surround. There are many options including concrete, pavers, stone, wood, and more. Keep in mind that this is a large area that will set the tone for your backyard design. Some qualities to look for in a pool-surround material are that it be light colored (less hot in our Florida heat), slip resistant, and complementary to your pool design.
  • Landscape. Since there will inevitably be some disruption to your landscaping due to the remodeling, this is also a great time to re-evaluate the trees and shrubs in your backyard. Do you have problematic trees that shed debris or otherwise cause extra work for you? Shrubs that draw bees or other insects? Consider this an optimum time to change things out for choices that would work better for you in your pool landscape.
  • Shade. Have you wished for more shade around your pool? This could be an opportunity to add a gazebo or other shade structure that would provide more comfortable seating options around your pool.

Water and Equipment

  • Saltwater system.  A pool renovation is a time when people consider switching their pool water sanitation over to a saltwater system. Many think saltwater provides a more pleasant, less irritating swimming experience. Lower maintenance costs and no chlorine smell are additional pluses.
  • Energy-efficient equipment. Replace your old pump with a quieter, energy-efficient variable speed pump and save up to 80% on your utility costs. 
  • Automation. Take control of everything in your backyard with a pool automation system. Operate your spa, lights, heat, water features, and more from your smartphone or remote device for the ultimate convenience.

Fun Features

  • Lighting. Create mood and ambiance with LED pool lighting. They are brighter, cooler, cheaper, more energy-efficient, and come in every color in the rainbow. Create a safer and more fun setting around your pool with LED lights.
  • Water features. There is nothing as soothing as the sound of water trickling outside. Choose from water features such as fountains, jets, waterfalls, and bubblers. Make your pool even more appealing with the right water feature.
  • Fire feature. Establish a more dramatic and elegant effect with fire bowls on the edge of your pool. 
  • Tanning ledges. A tanning ledge is a wide shallow ledge that allows you to place a chaise lounge in the pool for tanning. This shelf could be a few inches to a foot deep, allowing you to be in the water and yet sun yourself at the same time.

We hope our ultimate list for planning a pool renovation has provided you with a comprehensive starting point for your project. There are many choices to make when undertaking a pool remodel. The most important place to begin is to hire the best contractor in the business. Molinari Pools has provided the ultimate pool renovation experience in customer service, communication, design consultation, and quality workmanship to residents of Indian River County since 1996. We are your premier pool renovation specialists!