Love people, love pools

Molinari Pools is, first and foremost, about people. We care for others as we’d care for our family and go above and beyond for our team members, clients, and the local community, providing exceptional care however we can. We want to give back to those we serve in a meaningful way, guaranteeing a wholistic, realistic, and honest approach to our work.

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Our Team Culture

We set big goals and play the game to win, but we can’t compete alone. We work with a servant’s heart in mind, relying on each other to win for our clients and the company. We get the job done through compassion, trust in our team, hard work, and dedication.


Joel Molinari, Jr. – President

Joel Molinari, Jr.
– President

Jillian Thompson – Executive Assistant

Jillian Thompson
– Vice President

Sophia Haughton – Finance Manager

Sophia Haughton
– Finance Director

Scott Kuperus – Projects Department Leader

Scott Kuperus
– Projects Director

Seth Setser – Sales and Business Development Leader

Seth Setser
– Sales & Service Director

Hannah Bologna – HR Manager

Hannah Bologna
– Human Resources Director


Joshua Adams
– Marketing Director