Pool Guard Pro: Making Pools Safe for Kids

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Raising children with a backyard swimming pool made us very aware of the importance of teaching children swimming pool safety. Even with direct parental supervision, things can get out of control quickly, and you can’t be everywhere at once. Teaching them to swim at an early age is vital, and safety devices such as a pool fence or net are a great way to ensure peace of mind.

Since 2003, Pool Guard Pro has faithfully served Fort Pierce, FL, providing families with superior pool safety products and services. We offer swimming pool nets, safety covers, and pool safety fences. All pool nets are not created equal, and our goal is to install the best possible safety measures in your pool to protect your children and stay affordable for all.

We’re a proud member of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) and fully support initiatives such as Every Child a Swimmer, as nothing is more important than keeping kids safe in any way we can. Drowning prevention is something we take seriously; to that end, we provide families with the necessary tools to help them stay safe and sound.

For info about drowning prevention initiatives and pool safety, call 772-778-2633.

Pool Alarms

The most worrying aspect of pool safety is time. Dangerous situations can arise within seconds, and a quick, decisive reaction is imperative to keep your family safe. Setting up an alarm system is a fantastic way to lessen the issue, alerting you immediately and giving you more time to jump to the rescue.

The Pool Guard Pro alarm system provides added security and protection for your pool. We offer three different poolside alarms to fit your needs best.

  1. Window and door alarms
  2. Gate alarms (Model GAPT)
  3. Floating alarm (pool & spa)

They are simple to operate and easy to install, monitor the pool gate constantly, reset automatically, and have a pass-through feature for adults, just in case you need to enter the area.

Pool Safety Fences

Installing a safety fence around your pool in Fort Pierce is an effective way to keep your children safe. These large mesh covers provide a barrier of entry to prevent young children from wandering around the pool unsupervised or blocking off dangerous, slippery areas.

While safety fences are an important measure of defense, most available fencing on the market may obstruct visibility. Pool Guard Pro swimming pool safety fences are entirely see-through and are made with premium interlocking mesh, offering protection from rips and tears, mildew, fading, and shrinking. We keep Florida’s weather in mind, using high-quality materials proven to last. Our swimming pool safety fences come with the following features:

  • Come in both 4 and 5 ft heights and custom 2 and 3-ft heights for pets.
  • Sleeves are high-impact, non-conductive, and will not corrode.
  • Conform to any shape, and attach to existing barrier walls.
  • Lightweight and tension-based
  • Easy setup and disassembly
  • Built-in UV inhibitors

Pool Safety Nets

When a safety fence isn’t preferable, or you need an extra layer of protection, pool safety nets are a clever way to block access to the pool while leaving the view open. They are installed through rivets along the edge and hold up a tightly-woven, tensile netting that allows one to lay in the center of the pool area without touching the water. It’s a perfect way to provide protection when you can’t be there watching at all times.

Pool Guard Pro Safety Nets offer unobstructed views of backyard pools, spas, ponds, or water features. They are designed to keep your kids out of the water and preserve the space of your backyard while also meeting Florida barrier code requirements, proven to provide your child’s safety around pools.

Our safety nets provide the following features:

  • Custom-shaped to fit any water feature or pool configuration.
  • Recessed, flush mount pool net anchors give you strength and style.
  • Durable, even in the most extreme conditions.
  • UV inhibitors provide safety from fading, shrinkage, and deterioration.
  • Adjustable tension system

Self-Closing Gates

Installing a gate around your pool is an excellent first step in establishing a safe poolside environment. However, a manual gate requires manual oversight. You need to remember to keep the gate locked and secure at all times, the key in a safe area, and the door closed when children are not under direct supervision. We always strive to be safer rather than sorry and recommend installing a self-closing gate, offering peace of mind for any situation.

Put safety first with Pool Guard Pro’s self-closing gates. They automatically close and latch up when not in use, and our patent pending walk-thru baby gate option protects your family from dangerous poolside conditions. Our gate can also be locked by key for added protection, and comes in either 4 or 5 ft heights.

Pool Guard Pro is always open to questions and concerns. For more information about our products, or how we can keep your family safe, contact us for a complimentary Site Safety Diagnostic.