Low Water Level? Let’s Detect and Repair Your Leaks So You Can Return to Backyard Living.

Molinari Pools’ team of dependable pool leak detection experts uses reliable tools and techniques to detect and fix leaks for clients in Melbourne, FL. We are highly trained and experienced in detecting and repairing pool leaks, ensuring the best possible service.

Stopping Water Loss: Step-by-Step

With the Melbourne pool experts at Molinari Pools, testing for leaks with The Leakalyzer (our rapid precision water loss sensor) is efficient and accurate!

  • Contact us to speak to our team about an initial water loss assessment for your home in Melbourne.
  • Our experts analyze your leaks within two business days.
  • We inspect and generate a precise leak report for you.
  • Our team identifies and repairs the source of any leaks you may have.
  • We test with state of the art tools to confirm the leak is gone.

Why Choose Molinari Pools?

We are the premier swimming pool leak detection and repair company in Melbourne, FL that, since 1996, has maintained the personal touch and feel of a family business.

Providing Excellence:

  • As a residential pool owner, our goal is to enhance your quality of life by eliminating the stress of pool ownership. After all, we’re local pool owners too!
  • We’re focused on family- both ours and yours. We’re family-owned, run, and oriented, treating you well with individualized care.
  • Our detail-oriented Leak Detection and Repair Team for Melbourne, FL is dedicated to providing friendly service with a fast response time.
  • We communicate thoroughly and promptly. Our team explains the process and answers questions in detail. We take time to be very clear while explaining offerings/proposals/timelines/budgets.
  • We have it all in-house since we are a wholistic, full-service, local business. No matter the cause of your leaky pool, our projects team can fix any broken pipes or equipment.
  • Our decades-long commitment to the pool industry means we stand behind our products and pool leak detection and repair services and are well enough established to give back to the Melbourne, FL community.

Pool is Leaking?

Call our award-winning pool leak detection team today to schedule your water loss assessment test at your home in Melbourne, FL!