Do you feel stuck in your current career? It isn’t uncommon. Many people discover at some point that the career they chose for themselves is not fulfilling their needs. It isn’t too late to make a change. We encourage you to summon up your confidence. Break free and make a change. Would you enjoy working outside? Would you like a job with a huge opportunity for advancement? Let’s examine how to make a successful career shift into the pool industry.

Jobs Are Available

Recently there has been enormous growth in the pool industry. People are staying home more due to COVID-19 restrictions and are using their backyards more than ever. People with pools want renovations. And people without pools are keen to get one constructed as soon as possible. Due to this high demand, there is a high availability of jobs in the pool industry.

On-the-Job Training

You do not need a background in pools to get started in the pool industry. Not only is there on-the-job training, you will also take an online course that will certify you as a pool technician. You will learn the basics of water chemistry, common pool finishes and how to repair them, and an introduction to pool circulation, filtration, heating, and electricity.

Upward Mobility

There is tremendous potential for upward mobility in the pool industry. The basic knowledge gained by starting out as a pool technician can lead to a future specialty in the fields of HVAC, plumbing, masonry, and electrical work. Also, there is an opportunity to enhance your knowledge of tiling, deck construction, pool resurfacing, and more. These added skills further increase your ability to move on to pool renovations, pool contracting, and supervisory roles.

Developing skills and strengths that can lead to future growth and promotions is a big factor in job satisfaction

Innovations in the Industry

Things have evolved in the pool industry in recent years. The process of pool construction has become more sophisticated and innovations abound. Pools can now be built in places they never could be before, there are automation systems that can be controlled from anywhere off-site, and there are countless energy-efficient pool components that are easy on the environment. Bluetooth® sound systems, LED lights to achieve any ambiance, and breathtaking water features are all additions in pool construction today. If you are someone who finds new technology fascinating, a career in the pool industry could be for you.

Company Culture

There is one common reason many people are disenchanted with their jobs: The company they work for does not have values that match their own. Wouldn’t you like to work for a company whose product makes people’s lives better? Imagine working for a company that values the needs of its employees and is willing to support them. Molinari Pools is a well-established company that could be a good fit for you and your future growth. We pay well and offer good benefits. We want employees who are willing to invest in our company, and in return, we are willing to invest deeply in our employees. 

If you have been unhappy with your career choice lately, it may be time to consider a change. It is never too late to alter your course and enter into a career you truly enjoy. We hope you might use these suggestions on how to make a successful career shift into the pool industry, and consider joining the team at Molinari Pools. Call us today and let’s talk about your future. This open door could be the change you’ve been longing for.